Cleansing and Smudging Guide

The practice of cleansing and smudging has been around for many years.  We get asked many questions about the best way to do this and also which are the best instruments to use.  So this guide is a brief background in to how to use various smudging items and what to do with them.

Sage Smudge Sticks are available in many different types and sizes.  The most popular is dried Californian white sage, but you can use any dried variety of sage stick for cleansing. You should ensure you have a bowl (or abalone shell) to hand to catch any embers, and also a bowl of water ready to put the stick out.  Once you are ready light the stick, and once lit then blow it out allowing it to smoke (much like you would an incense stick). 

Sage and incense

You should then blow the smoke in to corners of your house (with the windows open) or run crystals through the smoke in order to cleanse your home and crystals, ensuring any embers are caught in the bowl / shell as you go.  The smoke will purify the negative energy and having the windows open will allow the energy to completely leave the house.  When you run your crystals through the smoke this will also remove any negative energy they will have collected.  Once you are happy that cleansing is complete put the sage out in the bowl of water or dampen with a wet cloth ensuring the embers are completely out

Sage burning

You can use loose dried sage leaves in a smudging bowl or abalone shell as an alternative to a pre-made and hand-tied stick if you find it easier, Sage wood or Palo Santo wood are great alternatives too. Although harder to light then traditional Sage, Palo Santo Wood (holy-wood) has other healing qualities and its piney, mint and citrus scents make it great for clearing sinuses if you are suffering from a cold too.  Why not give it a try this winter to help keep cold and flu away and when the Californian sage stocks are low when it is out of season?

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