Himalayan Bath Salt Gift Jar - Skin Revive

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Mrs M.
Truly Amazing Items From Psychic Tree

I am so happy with all the items in my order.

The smudge kit is perfect for beginners, and straightaway you feel your home cleansed from all negativity.

The Himalayan Salt for bathing is a gorgeous gift idea as it comes in a reasonable size Kilner Jar, the wooden scoop gives the ideal amount for one bath. The smell is so refreshing. Definitely will be purchasing the refill bags in future.

The Little Book of Crystals is perfect for beginners to learn how to cleanse and look asfter the crystals.

My Clear Quartz Wand immediately vibrated in my right hand as I connected to it, the vibrations were so strong... truly amazing.

Since my first order I have placed an additional 3 larger orders, especially the last 2, containing more ranges of the Himalayan Salt for bathing, and many more crystals to add to my collection.

The Psychic Tree is my go to shop regarding all crystals and chakra items.

Sean Cochrane
Lovely smell - but smaller than I thought

This is a lovely little kit, but it is quite smaller than I imagined. The scoop is great, and the jar is definitely a good gift for someone, they smell lovely!

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